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A static website is a website which cannot be edited. It can be changed only when changes are being made in the source page. A static website is given to the user in the same manner in which it is being stored. It is easier and cheaper to develop, and is inexpensive to host. Static websites offer information in HTML5 language. It has sites which are linked with pages having easy graphics, text and logo. One can include information about a company, video/audio, animations, text, images, etc. When compared to dynamic websites, static page designs are easier to make, even though dynamic contents cannot be made. Only an individual who has information about programming can create changes in the web pages of a static website. A customer would have a better experience with a static website because it loads faster when compared to a dynamic website. When a customer has a good experience with a website, better traffic would be generated which thereby leads to more sales and profits. Static websites are useful for all types of businesses for developing their landing pages for marketing and advertisements.


 Static Websites Design

 Special Optimized

 High Quality Content

 Fast Page Speed

 Browser Compatibility


 Search Engine Friendly

  responsive website layout

 Cost effective

 Easy indexingd

 Professionally designed

ATS-INFOTECH Provide best Website Design Services


For static page designs, ATS Infotech would mix talent, experience, and knowledge to create the best visuals.


Our experienced and knowledgeable team designs superior quality static websites for businesses and individuals from across the world.

Custom Colors

Our website developers might insert various graphics with special effects for matching the layout of the website with the contents written on the web page.

Why Hire Us for Static Page Designing?

ATS Infotech is a trusted web designing and IT service provider based in New Delhi, India. We provide professional static page designing services for clients from across the world. We offer best and reliable static page design solutions based on the needs of our customers. We do not just develop websites for it to be submitted online. Out effort is to create an online space for your business which would be valuably engaging. Our static website designing services offer end-to-end business solutions for individuals and companies to state information about the nature of their businesses and about their companies onto the static websites.

ATS Infotech company helps in creating exclusive static web pages for your businesses having the capacity for faster loading, being responsive to all types of devices, being compatible with the various browsers, being search-engine friendly, and having a UI design which is accurate. We design static web pages using the recent and updated technologies such as CSS3, Javascript, and HTML5 which are independent of OS and are compatible with cross-browsers on various devices like iPad, iPhone, Computers, Tablets, Mobile Phones, and so on. ATS Infotech provides flexibility as an important element of static page designing.

Meet our expert team for your dynamic website

Our web designing professionals have the capability in comprehending the concept required for each type of website. They have experience in developing all types of static websites. They develop web page designs which are search-engine compatible and friendly, and which have accurate design interface. The designs developed would be having overall consistency. Our design experts formulate an enriching experience for the website users. The feel and look of the static web page is given great value by our designers.

Our website developers might insert various graphics with special effects for matching the layout of the website with the contents written on the web page. Such special effects would enable you to like the feel and look of your web page. A web designer’s vision is very important while designing a static website. Our professional web developers have the expertise in providing a unique feel and look for your SEO friendly website which would be alluring and which would attract the attention of the users coming to your website.

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