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A static website is a website which cannot be edited. It can be changed only when changes are being made in the source page. A static website is given to the user in the same manner in which it is being stored. It is easier and cheaper to develop, and is inexpensive to host. Static websites offer information in HTML language. It has sites which are linked with pages having easy graphics, text and logo. One can include information about a company, video/audio, animations, text, images, etc.

When compared to dynamic websites, static page designs are easier to make, even though dynamic contents cannot be made. Only an individual who has information about programming can create changes in the web pages of a static website. A customer would have a better experience with a static website because it loads faster when compared to a dynamic website. When a customer has a good experience with a website, better traffic would be generated which thereby leads to more sales and profits. Static websites are useful for all types of businesses for developing their landing pages for marketing and advertisements.

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